Company Over View

WAVECO SOLUTION founded from 2014, is a wireless communications integration company combine with software manufacturer in excellent.

WAVECO continue to provide customers with the most advanced software measurement technology Employment and major plant of wireless communications integration service; we can provide also customization. Adhere customer demand, to satisfaction and always pursuit customer require, is WAVECO vision and mission.

 “Technical excellence & sustainable services” is WAVECO SOLUTION aim, keep continually sophisticated product quality and after-sales service of the perfect, to meet customer expectations and needs.

  Core competency

WAVECO SOLUTION with each customer to establish a strong partnership, the creation of a stable of strong growth.

WAVECO has unique software technology, excellent hardware equipment, and improve after-sales service for product quality,

As demand from a customer we will do perfectly.

WAVCO provide customers with the integrity of the service, manufacturing customised products, and widely used in diverse applications laboratory, computer products, communication products and consumer electronics products.

  Corporate Vision and Mission

WAVECO to become a global technology leader in an integrated wireless communications company. Continue to provide integrity all products and services, enable customers to obtain satisfaction results.

  Management philosophy

1. Build good partnership with customers

2. Pursue product leading positions

3. Promote all quality management

4. Focus on strategic vision for globalised and long-term business management

5. Act decisively with the courage of risk taking

6. Encourage innovation creative and inclusiveness

7. Create a challenging and learning work environment

8. Fulfil corporate social responsibility